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5 minutos con Koldo Illumbe

Koldo Illumbe junto a Kylian Castell acaba de lanzar su video llamado OJO. El joven nos cuenta cómo está siendo su año y cómo ve su futuro.

Good Koldo !! Despite your name, we know that you have a very special bond with Indonesia. Tell us what links you to that place

The waves I really satisfying and the people too, the people are respectful in water sometimes we share waves and yeah


The fact that your father owns a boat in a place like Indo is something really unusual. In addition to your role as a surfer, what other aspects has this situation influenced you?

My dad don’t bring to much in a boat because I have school and usually at the holidays I sometimes go to the boat, depends on my dad.

For many, Indonesia is the trip of a lifetime. However, how different is living in the country? tell us a little about daily life and your day to day there.

Living in Indonesia is a paradise you have waves all around and on the weekends I surf in the morning, hang out with my friends and surf in the afternoon


Speaking of routine, how do you combine life on the boat, surfing and studies? Would you like to take over from your father with the boat one day?

Yes of course I will learn my best to be a captain in the boat for my dad and for me is really good because I can go surfing when ever I can


Outside of Indo and picking up a bit with your roots…. What unites you to the Basque Country? Have you spent a lot of time here? What strikes you the most about Basque culture and surfing?

 When I was a kid I usually go to the basque country and the filling in the basque country is really good meeting new friends there and my grandparents and the surfing there I love it cause is a different type of wave and it feels amazing


Focusing on -ojo-… when is it recorded and how did the idea of ​​the project come about? we would like to know a little more about the context in which it was created and developed

 It was recorded on the first day In January and it was a crazy day and after the surf we where thinking what’s gonna be the title and my filmer said ‘ojo’. Me and my dad agreed with that.


As we watched the video, we noticed how striking his lifestyle is and the art direction, even his title is a hoot. ‘ Who are you behind the project and what were you trying to communicate?

 So my little sister said to my dad and me, what is the symbol of god? My dad said is the of an eye and I was thinking that I should do a drawing about that symbol and I did it.


By the way, piece of the left! What atmosphere is breathed in the peak on a day like this? We imagine that, between the level of the people and the desire of those who have traveled the world in search of those waves, it is not easy to catch the good ones!

That day on the left it was probably the best day i surfed from there and is rare to get that wave good because usually that wave has a lot of current and ect. That I was really nervous how big and sallow it is.


The covid is another factor that you must have noticed a lot there. How has the pandemic been experienced in the country and its effects in terms of limitation of tourism, travel, work …?

 It was really bad for my dad and also everyone because some of the people lost their jobs and it was pretty sad when they beg money in the traffic and for my dad it was really frustrating because my dad did work for a year and it was very stressful for him


As for sponsors … we have seen a few stickers on your table lol. Tell us about the support you have and the type of relationship that binds you to these brands

It really helps me a lot for my projects and basically everything I’m like really appreciating to all of my brands. Super helpfull.


And to end with something encouraging, what plans do you have for the near future?

I don’t really have a plan in the future, I was thinking to do some comps. I’m not sure haha


Nothing but koldo, thank you very much for sharing this little time with us. We leave you with what you like the most. throw yourself overboard straight to the peak! hahaha if you want to close saying something …;) 

Thanks a lot. I had fun answering this question 🤘🤘🤘


«OJO» feat. Koldo Illumbe from Kylian Castells on Vimeo.


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