Kelly Slater se va a dar una oportunidad más para finalizar su carrera con un título mundial. Así lo ha anunciado en Instagram:

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My last wave in Portugal the other day. Sick little bank with just @patchy_o and myself. Hugely inspired by the young guys on tour these past few months and what @john_john_florence has accomplished this year. So next year I'm gonna get my shit (and my body) together for real and see if I can make a last run at a title. Then I'll go find the best waves on earth til my last day before being freeze dried and used as plant food to make a #Koa and #Monkeypod tree on my property or take the carbon from my ashes and make a diamond from it for my family. (Don't forget to drop some of me in the tube also!) 📷: @badboyryry_ 🌊💨🏄🏽💍🐒🌲

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En resumidas cuentas viene a decir que la próxima temporada será su úlima intentona de ganar el doceavo título, y que el plan para el resto de su vida consiste en coger olas perfectas hasta el día de su muerte.


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